Staying for lunch – you will need to provide them with a packed lunch and a drink (with a cup) – no fizzy drinks please.  Make sure that their lunch box is clearly marked (we do get a lot of duplicates!) and that you child’s sandwiches are put into small plastic containers rather than in cling-film.  Could drinks be put into small, lidded (or sport style) plastic bottles – cartons are often too much for one sitting!. We have adopted a Healthy Eating Policy, so would appreciate if you did not include chocolate bars, sweets or whole packet of crisps (a few crisps in a pot is fine) whilst we appreciate that yoghurts are extremely health can we ask you not to include these, as they are very messy and do not promote independence.  With the increase in allergies to nuts could you avoid peanut butter as a sandwich filling.  Could you also ensure that your child has small, manageable portions, to help minimise waste.