Boomerang Kids is a public limited company by Guarantee. This means it is a registered charity which has Trustees instead of a committee to run the business side of the nursery.


The Trustees must make sure that the business is sustainable and this is achieved with the help and support of the parents and carers of the children who attend the group.

Hello, my name is Helen Hicks. I founded Saltdean barn and renovated it into the nursery you see today.

Boomerang Kids is my life achievement and I am very proud of everyone who works here to help make it such an outstanding nursery!

I am a qualified EYPS Early Years Teacher and have numerous other qualifications relevant to my role as Manager. I try to promote an ethos of continual learning for both staff and the children in our care.  

Hello, my name is Mary Slater. I am the Deputy Manager of Boomerang Kids and have worked in childcare with Helen in Saltdean for over 15 years.

I hold various childcare qualifications including a Diploma in Pre-school Practice, an NVQ 3 in Playwork, a Business Administration NVQ 3 and CMI Business Management level 5.

I am very proud of Boomerang Kids and consider myself lucky to work with a staff team that is both caring and highly professional; indeed an outstanding team!

Hello my name is Kirsty Macdonald, I have been at Boomerang Kids a while now. I started here as a student whilst studying for my Diploma in ChildCare and Eduction in 2005, I stayed on at Boomerang Kids as bank staff until I qualified in 2006.

I was employed as a Key worker and have worked up to my current position as a Floor Manager. I continued my training and have completed my NVQ Level 4 and "Beach School practitioner" Level 3 qualification.

I am Floor Manager, which I find extremely rewarding, I enjoy working with our team and feel so lucky to be working in such a beautiful setting.

Hello, my name is Keri Reid and I have been with Boomerang Kids for many years now! I started as a key worker in 2004 and have worked and trained hard to now become a Floor Manager. I love my job, the children, our setting and our fantastic team of staff. 

I am a qualified NVQ Childcare Practitioner,Equal Opportunities Co-ordinator and was also a trained nurse before I had my own children, so I have a great deal of experience in childcare and education. Boomerang Kids is a wonderful nursery and I am very happy and proud to be a member of this outstanding team!

Hello my name is Karen Busby, my first experience at Boomerang Kids was aged 15 on a voluntary placement with my secondary school.  

Since then I have completed NVQ level 2&3 and attended university whilst working to gain a degree in Professional Studies in Learning and Development. 

I worked my way up from voluntary worker to Floor Manager and I am also the Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO). I have been happily working at Boomerang Kids now for many years and am looking forward to many more!

Registered charity number 1096356 -  -  01273 390900

Saltdean Barn  -  Saltdean Oval Park  -  Arundel Drive West  -  Saltdean  -  BN2 8SJ